The Best of Me Quotes

The Best of Me Quotes

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Quotes From The Best of Me

  1. Change isn’t always for the best.
  2. The past can be escaped only by embracing something better.
  3. You might not understand, but I gave you the best of me, and after you left, nothing was ever the same.
  4. People in pain don’t always see things as clearly as they should.
  5. Comfort and familiarity were wonderful but they also dulled passion and excitement. Predictability and habit made surprises almost impossible.
  6. Until we do what has not yet been done, what has not been done shall remain undone.
  7. There’s a lot of magic between you, ain’t no denying that. And magic makes forgettin’ hard.
  8. Everyone makes mistakes, even if some are worse than others. Accidents happen.
  9. It takes a long time to grow an old friend, and trust is built a single moment at a time.
  10. I gave you the best of me, he’d told her once, and with every beat of her son’s heart, she knew he’d done exactly that.

The Best of Me Movie Quotes

Here are we presenting some most special movie Quotes for you!

  1. It was a myth that every mother and daughter were best friends, but friendship was far less important than family. Friends came and went; the family was always there.
  2. He’ll drag you down, Amanda, but right now you’re too young to understand that.
  3. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt as happy as I did that day, but then again, it was always like that when we were together. I never wanted it to end.
  4. Love, after all, always said more about those who felt it than it did about the ones they loved.
  5. You’re still alive. And that means you’ll love and be loved…and in the end, nothing else really matters.
  6. Now it was coming to an end, and it was like he was watching the last flicker of light wink out in the darkness of an endless tunnel.
  7. You Don’t Know How to Flirt, Do You, Dawson?
  8. You Are the Very Best of Me.
  9. I’m Not Going to Lose You Again.
  10. Everything That Happens, Happens for a Good Reason.

The Best of Me Book Quotes

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  1. Is There Anyone That You Want to Call?
  2. You want me to fall back in love with you? How do I do that if I haven’t ever stopped?
  3. Pain has deep roots. The only way to dig it out is to forgive.
  4. Memories are funny things. Sometimes they’re real, but other times they change into what we want them to be.
  5. The truth is, the world isn’t easy for any of us. It has never been and it never will be.
  6. It takes time to grow an old friend. Trust is built one single moment at a time.
  7. If This Was the Last Time You Were Going to See Me
  8. You Couldn’t Have Gotten Bald or Fat or Something?
  9. It’s Going to End Right Now

Nicholas Sparks Quotes The Best of Me

Nicholas Sparks’s most amazing Quotes –

  1. A Lot of Things Have Changed Since I Last Saw You.
  2. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. What the younger generation didn’t understand was that the grass was greenest where it’s water…
  3. She’d lost sight of the person she’d once meant to be, and she wasn’t sure she’d ever had the opportunity to find that person again.
  4. Sometimes it saddened her to think that she’d never experience that kind of feeling again, but then life had a way of stamping out that intensity of passion; she’d learned all too well that love wasn’t always enough.
  5. It took turns that people couldn’t foresee or even understand, leaving a long trail of regret in its wake. And almost always, those regrets led to the kind of what-if questions that could never be answered.
  6. Dawson, she knew, had saved Alan’s life- but in the end, he’d saved Jared’s as well. And for her that meant..everything. ‘I gave you the best of me,’ he’d told her once, and with every beat of her son’s heart, she knew he’d done exactly that.
  7. Life was messy. Always had been and always would be and that was just the way it was, so why bother complaining? You either did something about it or you didn’t, and then you lied about the choice you made.
  8. Please don’t take my advice. Or anyone’s advice. Trust yourself. For good or bad, happy or unhappy, it’s your life, and what you do with it has always been entirely up to you.
  9. Everyone wanted to believe that endless love was possible. She’d believed in it once too, back when she was eighteen. But she knew that love was messy, just like life


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