Trap Captions

Trap Captions

Hey Guys!! Are you looking for some mean captions for your enemies? Here what we have for you to shoot your enemies with this freaking amazing Trap Captions/quotes! Share it with friends and family or use it as Instagram Caption as Trap captions!!!

Trap Captions For Instagram

Trap captions for your super cool Instagram posts! Let you enemies get high burn!!!huhhhh!!!

Trap Captions For Instagram
  1. I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. – Jay Z
  2. I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go. – Kanye West
  3. You should follow my example, b***h i.e. – Nicki Minaj
  4. Ya’ll ni**as dreamed it, I’ve seen it. – Cam’ron
  5. To f**k with me you need a reservation. – Big Sean
  6. I believe there’s a god above me, I’m just the god of everything else. – Pusha T
  7. Yeah b***h I’m paid, that’s all I gotta say. – Lil Wayne
  8. F**k a blog dog, ’cause one day we gon’ meet. – Rick Ross
  9. Got buffoons eatin my pussy while I watch cartoons.- Lil Kim
  10. They told me to change, they called me names, and so I popped one. Opinion’s are like assholes and everybody’s got one. – Salt-N-Pepa

Trap Captions

Some freaking amazing trap captions for your enemies!!

Trap Captions
  1. Now if I fuck this model, And she just bleached her asshole, And I get bleach on my T-shirt, I’mma feel like an asshole. – Kanye West
  2. Ayy I’m just feelin’ my vibe right now. I’m feelin’ myself.-Desiigner
  3. Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up. – Fat Joe
  4. Told her beauty is why God invented eyeballs. And her booty is why God invented my balls. – Kanye West, Lloyd Banks
  5. Let’s make a movie, are we moving too fast? Who cares? You’re my new bae. – Vic Mensa
  6. I keep it O.G watchin episodes of O.C. – Living Legends
  7. I go on and on. Can’t understand how I last so long. – TOO $HORT
  8. If you got money, and you know it. Take it out your pocket and show it. – Lil’ Wayne
  9. Don’t ask me shit, make me lie to you motherfucker. – T.I.
  10. All I do is win win win no matter what. – DJ Khaled

School Boy Q Quotes

School Boy Q Quotes
  1. I’m an ordinary person but I’m paid. – Lil Boosie
  2. When the pimp’s in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot. – Snoop Dogg
  3. They say I act like I’m the man, cause motherfucka I am. – J. Cole
  4. On a roll like Cottonelle, I was made for all of this sh*t.
  5. I’m here for a good time not a long time
  6. Worrying about your followers, you need to get your dollars up
  7. I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget
  8. I’mma sip it ’til i feel it, I’mma smoke it ’til it’s done
  9. Let’s celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight
  10. There is only one person in this world who I am in competition with—myself.— J. Lo, Cosmopolitan

Trap Lyric

Trap Lyric
  1. Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation. — Rihanna, Sex With Me
  2. The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. — Beyoncé
  3. Your sex appeal or beauty isn’t defined by anyone else … you are your own audience, your own VIP — Amber Rose
  4. I’m a court side killer queen and you will kiss the ring. — Katy Perry, Swish, Swish
  5. The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. — Audrey Hepburn
  6. Be proud of who you are and if you have a part of you that you love the most, of course show it off. — Becky. G., Seventeen
  7. My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude. — Warsan Shire
  8. You don’t worry about fitting in when you’re custom made. — Drake, Views
  9. It’s the fire in my eyes and the flash of my teeth. The swing in my waist and the joy in my feet. — Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman
  10. I don’t like defining myself. I just am. — Britney Spears

Hood Captions

Trap Captions for all the best Hoods out there!!

Hood Captions
  1. Though she be but little, she is fierce. — Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  2. I’m proud of the woman I am because I went through one hell of a time becoming her. — Unknown
  3. First God created man, then he had a better idea. — Unknown
  4. Pick up the phone, baby, I know you’re home, baby
  5. I can buy that car, I know that you can’t
  6. I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance
  7. Why would I hop in some beef? When I could just hop in the Porsche
  8. You know where I’m at, you know where I be
  9. It’s not a threat it’s a warning, be careful with me
  10. Poured out my whole heart to a piece of sh*t

I Just Took A Pic With Your Girlfriend Lyrics

I Just Took A Pic With Your Girlfriend Lyrics
  1. Karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with
  2. This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, sh*t don’t ever stop
  3. I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry
  4. I get it how I live it, I live it how I get it
  5. My ex asked me, ‘Where you movin’?’ I said, ‘On to better things’
  6. Uh, yo, watch your man, then you should watch your mouth
  7. She just mad ’cause he never bought her ice like me
  8. My regrets look just like a text I shouldn’t send
  9. I’m a monster with the heart of a lion, divide and conquer
  10. I’ll do anything for a way out of my head

Sexy Trap Captions

Here’s we have brought for you some sexy Trap Captions for sassy ladies!

Sexy Trap Captions
  1. No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile
  2. I don’t know ’bout you, but me, I’m important, I’m so gorgeous
  3. I look for ways to say ‘I love you’, but I ain’t into makin’ love songs
  4. Make no mistakes, it’s all a leap of faith for love
  5. Can’t forget that I’m golden, can’t forget where I’m going
  6. Sun don’t shine in the shade, bird can’t fly in a cage
  7. Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud
  8. No you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes
  9. I speak the truth but I guess that’s a foreign language to y’all
  10. Okay you’re a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?

Hentai Trap Captions

  1. I got some weight on my shoulders, to me it’s like feathers
  2. Every night’s a long night, every day’s a holiday
  3. I’m a cool cat, but I’m on life nine
  4. Blame it all on my roots. – Garth BA crimson headache, aching blushdefinition. – Eminem
  5. Somewhere down the road might just meet up at the right time. – G-Eazy
  6. I’m letting go, so give me one more chance. Save me from this road I’m on. – Carrie Underwood
  7. Now I’m living and dying with the choices I made. – George Jones
  8. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me, it happens all the time. – Lady Antebellum
  9. I know the sun’s still shinin when I close my eyes. – Travis Tritt
  10. Even tough you-re fed up, you gotta keep your head up. – Tupac

Sissy Trap Captions

Sissy Trap Captions
  1. Either you play the game or watch the game play you. – J.Cole
  2. They say good things come to those who wait. So ima be at least about an hour late. – Kanye West
  3. If God got us, then we gon’ be alright. – Kendrick Lamar
  4. I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do
  5. Ayy I’m just feelin’ my vibe right now. I’m feelin’ myself. – Desiigner
  6. Listen to the river to sing sweet songs to rock my soul. – The Grateful Dead
  7. I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood. – Animals
  8. We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds. – Elvis Presley
  9. I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain. – Prince
  10. He could make me golden if I just show some respect

Tumblr Trap Captions

Tumblr Trap Captions
  1. People look at you and say you changed, as if you worked that hard to stay the same. – Jay Z
  2. It’s all about forgiving and the will to walk away; I’m ready to be loved and love the way I should. – Shania Twain
  3. We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still – J. Cole
  4. Passin’ up on my old ways, I can’t blame you, no, no. – Drake
  5. To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is. – J. Cole
  6. You say you’re somebody now, but what’s a somebody in a nobody town. – The Weeknd
  7. You’re the only one I notice. It’s really hard for me to focus.
  8. I don’t give a damn what you say to me
  9. On a roll like Cottonelle, I was made for all of this sh*t. – Drake
  10. The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection. Henri Nouwen

Lil Uzi Vert Instagram

Lil Uzi Vert Instagram
  1. Knowing where the trap is– that’s the first step in evading it. – Frank Herbert
  2. There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself. -Raymond Chandler
  3. The most dangerous trap is just living and forgetting that God exists. – Aiden Wilson Tozer
  4. Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap. L. Ron Hubbard
  5. The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.- Niccolo Machiavelli
  6. Worry about being respected, never worry about being liked because that’s the trap. – Jada Pinkett Smith
  7. Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.- Paulo Coelho
  8. Sometimes I suspect that we build our traps ourselves, then we back into them, pretending amazement the while. -Neil Gaiman
  9. Hate traps us by binding us too tightly to our adversary. -Milan Kundera
  10. Resentment is when you allow what’s eating you to eat you up. Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist. Bitterness is the trap that snares the hunter. And mercy is the choice that can set them all free.-Max Lucado

Asap Rocky Instagram

Asap Rocky Instagram
  1. It is a trap to presume that God wants to make us perfect specimens of what He can do— God’s purpose is to make us one with Himself. -Oswald Chambers
  2. Disneyland. The world’s biggest people trap, built by a mouse.-Bill Murray
  3. Consistency can be a trap, especially if it leads to being consistently wrong rather than to stopping, admitting your mistake, and changing course. -Jane Fonda
  4. A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge.-China Mieville
  5. The thing that gives you power also traps you. -Eckhart Tolle
  6. We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap. -Anthony Hopkins
  7. The notion of making money by popular work, and then retiring to do good work, is the most familiar of all the devil’s traps for artists.- Logan Pearsall Smith
  8. A question is a trap and an answer is your foot in it. -John Steinbeck
  9. Judgment traps you within the limitations of your comparisons. It inhibits freedom. – Willie Stargell
  10. I’m sexy and I know it. -LMFAO

Young Ma Instagram

Young Ma Instagram
  1. Find me where the wild things are. -Alessia Cara, Wild Things
  2. Hey Siri, play ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ by John Mayer.
  3. You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. -Sophia Bush
  4. My smile is beamin’, my skin is gleamin.’ -Ariana Grande, 7 Rings
  5. Somewhere between I want it and I got, Drake, Furthest Thing
  6. Nothin’ really changed but still they look at me a way now, Drake, Furthest Thing
  7. I ain’t got time to take my time, I’m doing it like my life on the line, Big Sean & Metro Boomin, Savage Time
  8. Foot is on their neck, I got ’em stuck, J. Cole,  Middle Child
  9. You couldn’t hold me down even if I was in federal. You couldn’t stop these plays even if I was ineligible, Big Sean & Metro Boomin, Savage Time
  10. I’ve been wantin’ somethin’ I can feel. Promise I ain’t never letting up.J. Cole,  Middle Child

Girls Rap Lyrics

Girls Rap Lyrics
  1. I pull up, hop out, air out, made it look sexy, Kendrick Lamar, Element
  2. You know this’ll never be a tie, just look at they laces, Kendrick Lamar, Element
  3. I left a nigga on read cause I felt like it, Cardi B/SZA, I Do
  4. Dapper, dapper, I look fine and my checks defined, Cardi B/SZA, I Do
  5. Somewhere between I’m sober and I’m lifted, Drake, Furthest Thing
  6. I’m on a roll like Cottonelle, I was made for all of this shit, Drake, All Me
  7. That’s me, I ain’t perfect, I ain’t a saint but I am worth it, Drake/Big Sean, All Me
  8. Playin’ with my name, that shit is lethal, dawg, Drake/Meek Mill, Going Bad
  9. You asked to see the boss so they sent me, dawg, Drake/Meek Mill, Going Bad
  10. Just to blow it in the mall doesn’t mean we’re involved, Drake/Meek Mill, Going Bad

Drip Trap Quotes

Drip Quotes
  1. Not a lick, but I know I’m probably lookin’ just like it, Gucci Mane, Just Like It
  2. You don’t want smoke, n***a stop, y’all don’t have enough bodies, Gucci Mane/21Savage, Just Like It
  3. My bih changed her wig then she switched her personality, Gucci Mane, On God
  4. Fuck feelings, run to the millions, Gucci Mane, Father’s Day
  5. I fathered the style, gave you all the wave,but I didn’t get nothing for Father’s Day Gucci Mane, Father’s Day
  6. I’m getting full, pockets on stuffed, Gucci Mane, Outta Proportion
  7. The world’s most hateable, currently unavailable, Gucci Mane, I’m not Goin’
  8. Calm, real calm, but my shooters are irrational, Gucci Mane, This the night
  9. All this f**king money I ain’t got no time for chillin, Meek Mill, Championships
  10. F**k if you feel me, you ain’t got a choice, J. Cole, Middle Child

Drip Trap Captions

Drip Captions
  1. Money in your palm don’t make you real, J. Cole,  Middle Child
  2. Had to cut some of my kinfolk off, they didn’t keep it one hundred, Gucci Mane, Outta Proportion
  3. If I said it, then I done it. Fck that fake love I don’t want it, Gucci Mane, Outta Proportion
  4. Ni**as want to burn a bridge and expect you to bring a yacht, Meek Mill, Cold Hearted II
  5. If you talk, when you see me just don’t dab me, Meek Mill, Wit the Shits
  6. Bombin’ on any of them n*** who want the smoke, Meek Mill
  7. Loyalty is an action, you can love or hate me and still have my back, 21 Savage, Ball w/o you
  8. Thought you had my back but you let me fall. You healed my pain, then you cause it, 21 Savage, Ball w/o you
  9. You cross me once, it’s F up forever, 21 Savage, Ball w/o you
  10. Lookin’ better every day you got that Benjamin Button, Pardison Fontaine/Cardi B, Backin’ it up

Teasing Captions

Teasing Captions
  1. I the queen/king of talkin’ shit then I’m backin’ it up, Pardison Fontaine/Cardi B, Backin’ it up
  2. You know how to get a bag don’t ya? You know how to make a bih made don’t ya? (perfect as a compliment to ya girl or homegirl), Pardison Fontaine/Cardi B, Backin’ it up
  3. I know how to go and get a bag, don’t I? I know how to make a bih mad, don’t I (for your own caption), Pardison Fontaine/Cardi B, Backin’ it up
  4. Tweak with the gang, you ain’t big enough, Won’t give a fuck if a bitch ain’t feeling us, Big Dreezy, RIP Aretha
  5. Checked your resume and you ain’t official, A knock-off hoe substituting the teacher, Big Dreezy, RIP Aretha
  6. I be getting to the money, everybody mad, O.T. Genasis, Everybody Mad
  7. Taking over summer nigga, tell me what’s the bid?, O.T. Genasis, Everybody Mad
  8. Bitch, I’m doing digits, all business, big business, Big Sean/2 Chainz, Big Bidness
  9. I’m consistent, I’m persistent. Time to get it, bitch, I risk it, Big Sean/2 Chainz, Big Bidness
  10. The business internal, the vision’s eternal, Big Sean/2 Chainz, Big Bidness

Bad Bitch Insta Captions

Trap Captions for Instagram to your Bad Bitches out there!!

Bad Bitch Insta Captions
  1. I’m doing what you way to hoe to do, Big Sean/2 Chainz, Big Bidness
  2. I’m the team captain in the huddle, Big Sean/2 Chainz, Big Bidness
  3. Savage time, I mean record-breaking shit. All we doing is taking risks. Big Sean & Metro Boomin, Savage Time
  4. Atlanta can do crunk music, it can do snap music, it can do swag music. Atlanta has it all.
  5. Atlanta is unique to me. You got poor black people, but I also saw this: I saw black doctors, lawyers, educators. All you gotta do is want to be it to see it, and once you see something, it can be a reality.
  6. Atlanta? I think it’s the greatest city anywhere I know of.
  7. Be cocky. Walk into the Georgia Dome like you own it.
  8. Best thing about shooting in Atlanta at night is that it’s not as hot as it is during the day.
  9. Every time I’m in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace.
  10. For the entire state of Georgia, having the premiere of Gone With the Wind on home ground was like winning the Battle of Atlanta 75 years late.

Hood Captions For Instagram

Hood Quotes as Trap Captions!

Hood Captions For Instagram
  1. Good old days don’t wash away, just like that Georgia clay.
  2. I can’t be calm when I drive through sections of Atlanta that look more like Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, than America.
  3. I grew up in the suburbs north of Atlanta. I had an amazing childhood, and I still go back to my home in Atlanta often.
  4. I remember at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Shaq always wanted me to show him steps over and over.
  5. I went down and played with Magic Johnson at his all-star game in Atlanta. I remember Magic stopped the game and said, ‘We need you here with us in L.A.
  6. In my opinion – in Georgia, there’s a town called Lula. And Lula, Georgia, has the best peaches.
  7. Once I went to bed in Orlando and I woke up in Atlanta. I have no idea how that happened.
  8. Somebody had asked me how it was to be in Atlanta, and I said that Atlanta had always been known as a Braves city, a baseball town.
  9. The Atlanta Hawks are a bunch of guys who would prefer to pass kidney stones than pass a basketball.
  10. There are sad moments – lonely moments – when you’re sitting up in your room all by yourself, shooting on location in Atlanta or Vancouver or L.A., and your family’s back home. You can miss home.

Rap Quote About Money

Rap Quote About Money
  1. There’s always something in Atlanta that’s so far from people’s comfort zone.
  2. This is the city of the underdog champion, so they want to see the next person out of their city blowing up and making I feel like, man, Atlanta’s a big city, but it’s so small. – Mike Will Made It
  3. A lot of things happened in a lot of places. And to see how well it was handled in Atlanta. There are a lot of reasons for Atlanta being a special town in the Civil Rights era.
  4. After I left the podium in Atlanta, I felt so fulfilled in my career that I lost my desire to compete at that level again.
  5. Also I’m a part of the people that I’ve worked with in baseball that have been so great to me, Mr. Earl Mann of Atlanta, who gave me my first baseball broadcasting job.
  6. Coming from a small town it was tough to dream big. When I grew up in a small town in Georgia, my biggest dream was one day to be able to go to Atlanta.
  7. Growing up in Atlanta I always had a sense of what fashion was, a sense of style – my parents always talked about the importance of making a first impression and that’s stayed with me.
  8. I always view my music like a city at night, like Atlanta. I view my music in lights. So Far Gone would be my experiences in Toronto at night.
  9. I think the saddest moment in my life just happened two months ago. My old nightclub partner passed away, Phil Erickson down in Atlanta. He – I owe him everything. He put me in the business and taught me about everything I know.
  10. If you don’t like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don’t like baseball.

Trap Emojis

Trap emojis to send to Freaks! Use it as Trap Captions on your Freaky posts!!

Trap Emojis
  1. I’ll have to say winning the Olympic gold in Atlanta is a crowning achievement, along with the gold in the relay in the same games.
  2. It used to be that if you had a pretty good record, you could stop by a station in Little Rock or Atlanta and let the DJ listen to it. No way something like that can happen now.
  3. Politicians have responsibility to act if the public opinion changes. Flooding, storms, droughts are all getting people talking about climate change. I wonder if someday Atlanta will run out of water?
  4. That other saying, I’m a part of all that I have met, I think that would have to begin with my wonderful parents back in Atlanta when I was a youngster five years old I was tongue tied.
  5. The first time I was homeless was when I went to Atlanta. I was in a homeless shelter, then when I got a job I used to miss the curfew for the shelter. So I ended up sleeping outside in the streets.
  6. The peculiar fascination which the South held over my imagination and my limited capital decided me in favor of Atlanta University; so about the last of September I bade farewell to the friends and scenes of my boyhood and boarded a train for the South.
  7. You don’t need Tom Wolfe to tell you that the Buckhead section of Atlanta is the jewel of the city, an area of gracious homes, elegant hotels and shopping centers, as well as some of the best restaurants.

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